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5 Tips for Cybersecurity and Disaster Recovery


Following recent cyberattacks, Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS) is encouraging businesses and individuals alike to educate themselves on what actions they can take to protect themselves from and minimize the risk of security breaches such as ransomware attacks.


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Is fear of change the obstacle that’s stopping your business from moving forward?

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Given everything that’s going on since the outbreak of Covid-19, there's a lot of talk around a new way of life—and this will be true for businesses, as well. Businesses will have to work smarter and more efficiently while taking a more digital approach: everything streamlined, simple, quick and easy… all in the name of good customer service and to ensure efficient and cost-effective operational processes.


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Are you at risk with your on-premise ERP system?

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Traditional on-premise ERP solutions have come a long way. Most businesses know by now that they should have an ERP system in place, for various reasons, including greater automation, streamlined operational processes, a more digital approach and more business insights and intelligence.

However, with the ever-changing world we live in, the traditional options do come with some risks, especially if you are still using old hardware. Some of these risks could include; ongoing and regular maintenance, administration, monitoring, data loss, system downtime, etc.


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Is your business running on the latest technology?

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Do you keep up with customer expectations, track what your competition’s doing and check whether your business management system’s functionality and performance are on par and keeping up with the times? If your software does not meet current technology demands, it’s time to reconsider your options to modernize and digitize your operational processes.

Businesses need to assess whether they need to implement a new industry-related ERP, Retail or Business Management Solution that uses the latest technology or perhaps whether an upgrade to the latest version of their current systems will be sufficient.


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5 data features that will help inform your business decisions

Data can inform business decisions

Having good data at the heart of your ERP solution is just the beginningyou also need to be able to easily interpret and extract information so it brings value to your business.


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Choosing a future-proof ERP solution for your business


The need for flexible, forward-thinking ERP software has never been greater for businesses. Companies have had to adapt to changing circumstances over the past year and, in many cases, their ERP solution has been integral to making this happen.

Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS) provides software that has helped companies trade in different, smarter ways. There are several key features of its ERP solutions that have made this possible, by equipping users with the functionality they need to future-proof their operations.


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Contributing to a circular economy with ERP software


The past 12 months have proved just how essential it is for businesses to prepare for disruption. One term you might have encountered recently is ‘circular economy’ - and it’s considered one of the core ways in which companies can build resilience while enhancing their environmental credentials.

But what exactly is a circular economy? And how can ERP software help businesses like yours prepare for a more sustainable future?


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The benefits of cloud computing


Cloud computing is fast becoming the technology of choice for many businesses, of every shape and size, and across every sector. Replacing the traditional, in-house or on-premise server approach, cloud or hosted systems are being recognized as a more cost-effective, highly secure and resilient alternative.


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Cloud computing: 5 reasons to switch now

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Operations-centric businesses generally aren’t technology ‘early adopters’. Manufacturers and field service businesses alike prefer to take a conservative view of new technologies, embracing them only when the advantages (and risks) of doing so are well understood. But today, cloud computing has reached that tipping point.


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2020 Review: Looking back on the past year…

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Reflecting back on this past year is an interesting thought. It's most certainly been a challenging year and we are probably all grateful that this year will soon be coming to an end.  


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